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As a former collegiate athlete, Deep Roots Chiropractor Dr. Jarod Mau understands the importance of keeping your body healthy in order to boost performance! It's our passion at our office to help your body reach an optimal level of function so you can put your best foot forward!

Chiropractic & Athletes

Every athlete wants to gain the upper hand in competition or something that sets them apart from their competitors. A regulated and well-functioning nervous system is the key to enhanced performance and recovery!

Chiropractic isn't "cracking" and "popping" at will in hopes of producing an auditory stimulus that gives patients peace of mind, it's about producing real, objective change that promotes the optimal function of your body! Our team at Deep Roots Chiropractic is dedicated to providing you with top-tier care that bolsters your well-being and enhances your quality of life. 

Dr. Jarod Mau specializes in a wide variety of adjusting techniques and also employs muscle work in his care as well. Working with all aspects of the musculoskeletal system will allow you to recover quickerperform better, and lower your risk of injury!


“I’ve been going to Chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing.”

-Tiger Woods, 15x PGA Major Champion


Getting Healthy and STAYING Healthy

Athletes have very high demands that are placed on their bodies day in and day out. This demand creates physical, mental, emotional, and chemical (hormonal) stress on the body! Stress effectively shuts down the body's ability to function optimally. Holmen Chiropractor Dr. Jarod Mau specializes in removing stress from the spine and allowing the nervous system to operate without resistance!

When stress is taken away from an athlete's body, they may see the following benefits:

  • Lowered injury risk 

  • Better range of motion + mobility 

  • Improved hand-eye coordination

  • Improved motor control + coordination

  • Improved cognition + awareness

  • Improved sleep + bodily recovery 

  • Decreased muscle soreness + fatigue 

  • Improved balance + proprioception

  • Better inflammation regulation within the body 

  • Improved injury recovery rate  

  • Improves energy levels 

  • Decreased joint aches and pains

On the Top

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Take back control of your health!

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