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Personal Injury

Here at Deep Roots Chiropractic, we understand that life can throw us some curveballs. Accidents happen al the time and it's important that your health is taken care of when they do happen! Whether it's a slip and fall at work or a fender bender where you are not at fault, we are here to help you recover! 

How can we help? 

Seeing a chiropractor immediately following an accident greatly improves your chances to recover full mobility in your joints and lessens your chances of sustaining long-lasting damage. This is true even if you don’t immediately experience pain following the accident.

Individuals who have sustained injuries as the result of an accident utilize the aid of a chiropractor because of their ability to coordinate effective care that can allow these individuals to recover to their pre-injury state or as close to it as possible given the extent of their injuries!

The insurance company responsible for your financial compensation will evaluate the treatment you receive, which is why it is incredibly important for you to choose a chiropractor with an excellent reputation of providing unrivaled treatment and care.

Nature Walk

Did You Know?

Individuals with low back pain who utilize chiropractic care are 87% less likely to need surgery?


Bolster Your Body's Ability to Recover!

Everyone knows that accidents can bring our bodies a lot of problems! Most people take the wait and see approach with their health following an accident no matter how big or small the accident was. Instead of being proactive and getting the problem areas addressed, most individuals will wait for the problem to get better with time, but that's rarely the case! 

Allowing your body to heal effectively following an accident will allow you to see positive benefits to your health years down the road, something your future self will thank you for. We see progress with post-accident/personal injury cases in our office because chiropractic care allows you to heal more effectively!

  • Reduced inflammation levels throughout the body which may reduce chronic pain

  • Restores limited ranges of motion and improves your mobility, allowing you to move freely

  • Non-invasive approach to care, meaning no unnecessary prescriptions or surgeries 

  • Bolsters your body's recovery process, allowing you to heal better, faster 

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