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Benefit Your Health

Life is stressful and this stress can have a lasting impact on our health and well-being. The team at Deep Roots Chiropractic aims to free your nervous system from stress so you can live life to the fullest!


Pregnancy Care

Holmen Chiropractor Dr. Jarod Mau understands that pregnancy is a very stressful time for many mothers. A lot of growth and development occurs not only for baby, but for mom as well. It's our job at Deep Roots Chiropractic to ensure you are as comfortable as you can be throughout this beautiful chapter of your life! The primary goal is to create balance in the pelvis and bolster the nervous system so your body can function optimally during pregnancy + delivery!

During pregnancy, chiropractic may help with: 

  • Low back pain/sciatica 

  • Round ligament pain 

  • Decreased labor pains

  • Decreased labor times 

  • Leaky bladder syndrome 

  • Proper fetal positioning 

Chiropractic + Kiddos

Every parent wants to do what's best for their children, especially when it comes to their health. Kids fall down and get bumps and bruises FREQUENTLY during their childhood, which can cause stress on their bodies and their very sensitive nervous systems. If the nervous system becomes overwhelmed by physical, mental, emotional, and chemical stress, it will function at less than 100%. Allow your children to live an optimal life so they can grow up to be happy and healthy! Children see so many benefits from chiropractic care:

  • Improvements in bedwetting

  • Decreased severity of symptoms of ADD/ADHD

  • Improvements in colicky babies 

  • Latching problems caused by structural tongue/lip ties or inability for baby to turn their head

  • Sleep improvement

  • Improvements in severity of asthma symptoms 

  • Nervous system regulation may help with sensory processing difficulties

  • Restoration of full range of motion, enhancing various motor functions


Thousands of athletes across the country utilize chiropractic care to make sure their bodies are functioning at the highest possible level. As a former college athlete, Holmen Chiropractor Dr. Jarod Mau understands what it takes to perform at the highest level! Regular chiropractic care allows athletes to keep up with the physical and mental demands that are placed on them on a daily basis. Keep your body one step ahead of the competition and you may see the following benefits:  

  • Increased range of motion + mobility 

  • Improved athletic performance

  • Decreased joint aches + pains 

  • Improved recovery rate 

  • Decreased injury risk 

  • Improved energy + focus 

  • Improved balance + coordination

Wellness Care

Just like brushing your teeth or going to the gym, in order to see the full benefit, you do them consistently! Chiropractic care is designed to keep your bodies moving effectively and to allow your nervous system to effectively adapt to the daily stress that surrounds us! It is far easier to be proactive in your health and making sure your body is functioning optimally than being reactive and fighting the problem when it arises. 

"The preservation of health is far easier than the cure of disease." -BJ Palmer

The team at Deep Roots Chiropractic is not only focused on getting you well but keeping you well over the course of your life! 

Auto/PI/Workers Comp

No one plans on getting injured either on the job, on the road, or anywhere for that matter! It's important to get your body the help that it needs once accidents do happen! At Deep Roots Chiropractic, it is our goal to help you recover following an accident. Seeking out chiropractic care after an accident will allow your body to function optimally so you have an improved chance of getting better, faster. If nothing is done, the issue will remain and end up causing you more problems down the road! Do something today and give your body the chance to recover effectively! 

We all understand that sometimes life throws obstacles at us, whether it's a car accident or a slip and fall at work. No matter what it is, Chiropractic can help with things like:

  • Whiplash 

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Slip and fall injuries 

  • Post-concussive syndromes 

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